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Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan
Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan
Managing Partner & Principal Architect
Venkataramanan Associates (VA)

Naresh V Narasimhan is well known for his long-term association with Venkataramanan Associates (VA), an award-winning architectural firm. What resonates when you talk to him, is his enthusiasm and his role as an urbanist, activist, and creative entrepreneur in Bangalore.

Some of Naresh’s most recent initiatives include Cobalt, a vibrant co-working space in central Bangalore that uses spatial and social strategies to trigger serendipity at work. Through Metaform, a multidisciplinary conceptual design firm, he’s worked with municipal agencies to renew valuable markets and neighbourhoods. As a co-founder of MOD Institute, an international collective of urban designers, researchers and curators, Naresh has also been responsible in making cities like Bangalore and the urban processes that drive them: visible and participatory. As part of the erstwhile Bangalore Agenda Task Force; a founder and trustee of Imagine Bangalore, and regular advisor to government bodies, Naresh has fueled many progressive causes for the city.

He maintains a healthy and eclectic work‐style, with interests that range from social innovation, knowledge-sharing and communication strategies to cinema, art and popular culture.